10 Reasons Hungry Jack Hashbrowns Should Be a Camping and RV Essential

Hungry Jack Original Hashbrowns are simple to prepare from home base or base camp, making these compact cartons a hearty staple for any adventure.

1. The perfect boondocking breakfast.
All you need is a flame. Our hashbrowns are an essential for off-grid RV or camping cooking. No need to take up precious freezer or cooler space. Simply pop open the hashbrown container, fill with water and let it soak, then fry ‘em up.

2. Not just for breakfast.
Hashbrowns go the extra meal mile as a breakfast of champions, sneaky lunch upgrades like hashbrown waffle sandwiches for the RV-ers, and a hearty base for layers of your favorite foods as a winning one-bowl meal.

3. Dehydrated to stay fresh.
The benefits of dehydrated foods on the road or at a campsite are many, and top on the list is no spoilage. Our real Idaho potatoes are dehydrated right after harvest to stay fresh in the carton, until flavor is unlocked by hot water.

4. Saves space.
The small package is convenient, saves precious freezer and refrigerator space, making these hashbrowns an ideal companion for camping, backpacking or the RV pantry.

5. Saves weight.
Why waste precious pounds on fresh potatoes or frozen hashbrowns? Since our hashbrowns are dehydrated, they weigh less, meaning you can pack more.

6. 100% Real Idaho Potatoes.
Our hashbrowns are gluten-free, made from 100% real Idaho potatoes with no artificial colors or flavors.

7. Easy to make in 4 simple steps.
Just add hot water and fry up with your favorite camp cooking gear. Our hashbrowns get a great crisp when cooked in a classic cast iron skillet or a Blackstone Griddle. Delicious every time.

8. Diner-style hashbrowns.
Hungry Jack Original Hashbrowns deliver crispy diner-style hashbrowns every time, ready in minutes. Restaurant-quality hashbrowns fireside? Yes, please!

9. Kid-friendly camping food.
Your kids will love them. Need we say more? Plus, they can help cook! Let them help pour the water, or top with their own ingredients.

10. Easy to stock up online.
You have enough to think about when packing for camping or a big RV road trip. Hungry Jack Hashbrowns are now available on Amazon, so when you’re stocking up on camping gear, you can also stock up on hashbrowns. Done!

10 Reasons Hungry Jack Should Be a Camping and RV Essential 1 10 Reasons Hungry Jack Should Be a Camping and RV Essential 2
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