After School Snacks +More

Gear up for the school year. Your family’s favorite breakfast side is the master of multitasking! Hungry Jack Hashbrowns are your secret ingredient for back to school season—perfect for make-ahead breakfasts, after school snacks, and kid-pleasing dinners. Now available for 2-day delivery with Amazon Prime, where you can choose from three different sizes.

School Lunchbox. Hungry Jack Hashbrowns are certified delicious by our pickiest eaters. Why not stash those hashbrowns in their lunchbox? Pair with fruit, hard boiled eggs or a breakfast sandwich layered with cheese and sausage.

After School Snack. Kids (and their grownups!) can have fun adding their own toppings to hashbrown bowls, from avocado to cheese or diced ham, for the ultimate after school fuel.

Need more reasons to love Idaho Spuds Hashbrowns? ⁠ 1. As the #1 hashbrown in the U.S., they are downright delicious.⁠ 2. Cook in minutes or simply prep ahead of time.⁠ 3. Made with 100% real Idaho potatoes.

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