Time-Saving Tips for Your Back to School Morning Routine

Time to step into the school year! Who’s ready? Although excitement is high, those first days back into a new routine can seem a little hectic. Here are some ways to make mornings less stressful for everyone.

Pack up the night before. Starting ahead affords precious minutes in the morning. Run through the schedule (and weather!) for the next day with your kids to make sure backpacks are stacked with everything from library books to homework and water bottles. Other things your kids can help with are picking out clothes, placing shoes by the door, or choosing breakfast…psst: diner-style hashbrowns!

Start breakfast before your kids wake up. Even if it’s just a few minutes, getting your day started before the house erupts into a morning frenzy is essential. You can’t go wrong with easy back to school breakfast ideas like classic hashbrowns and scrambled eggs to fuel the family—whether they are plated or rolled up as a breakfast burrito on the go. Kickstart breakfast by rehydrating Hungry Jack Original Hashbrown Potatoes right in the carton with hot water. During those 12 minutes, you can sneak in anything from a morning stretch to rallying the kids.

Create a checklist together. A simple list of to-dos for the morning helps everyone stay on track. Post the list in a central place or community white board, so your kids can check off as they go. A little incentive for moving quickly through the list, like play or book time in those extra minutes before heading out the door, can help motivate the crew.

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