Summer Dinner Ideas: Easy Hashbrown Potato Salad 3 Ways!

Attention: this could be the easiest summer recipe you’ll ever make. Better yet, it’s versatile enough to use for light, healthy meals on the fly all season long. Ready for it? Our Hashbrown Potato Salad is a tasty twist on a summertime classic, made with 100% Real Idaho Potatoes, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It can be a simple salad or a base for easy summer salads or scrambles.

Classic Cookout Side
Everyone knows potato salad is a classic cookout companion, so when you’re ready to fire up the grill and take the party outside, try our Tasty Hashbrown Potato Salad as your new spin on a traditional crowd-pleaser. Hungry Jack Hashbrowns are made with 100% Real Idaho Potatoes, delivering restaurant quality taste in just minutes, so you can skip all the peeling and dicing. Plus, this kid-friendly hashbrown recipe even has bacon in it. Score!

Super Summer Salad
Here’s a summer meal idea that’s not only healthy, but also quick and easy…because summer calls for no-fuss meals that are flavor-packed. Whether you need a simple weeknight dinner idea, or you’re ready to load up on seasonal vegetables, try our Hashbrown Potato Salad as the perfect base for a super summer salad.

Summer Scramble
If you think breakfast is the greatest meal ever (ahem, most kids do!), why not have it for dinner too. The possibilities are endless with a simple scramble—count on these one-pan wonders to make summer mealtime easier. We like to prep a batch of Tasty Hashbrown Potato Salad ahead of time, and use it as a base for a classic diner-style scramble with eggs, sausage and cheese.

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