Pack This One Ingredient for Stress-Free Campfire Cooking

It’s camping season and we all want happy campers. Go easy on yourself! Stock up on one key ingredient that works for breakfast, lunch and dinner: Hungry Jack Hashbrowns.

Hashbrowns are versatile, delicious, and ready in just 4 easy steps. 100% Real Idaho Potatoes are peeled, shredded and dehydrated in a compact 4.2 ounce carton, so there’s no need to find cooler space or worry about a frozen product getting soggy.

Campfire cooking with hashbrowns is especially easy with your favorite cast iron skillet or Blackstone Griddle. Save this meal plan for your next outdoor camping adventure.

Breakfast: Why mess with a good thing? Everyone loves breakfast, so keep it simple. Bacon, eggs and hashbrowns, diner-style on the open flame, is great fuel for a full day of outdoor activity.

Lunch: Hashbrown Quesadillas or make-ahead wraps using hashbrowns and any variety of beans, veggies and cheese, are hand-held options that can be individually wrapped and packed for daytime fun.

Dinner: Hashbrown Crust Mexican Pizza or “loaded” hashbrowns topped with a fried egg (yep, think loaded baked potato). Both options use minimal ingredients and are packed with flavor—a hearty finale to the day for your happy campers.

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